Kensington Physiotherapy UNSW stock a large number of braces and other joint supports for purchase. Pre & post operative range of movement, Zimmer splints, MCL support, ACL return to sport braces, patellofemoral support, osteoarthritis (OA) support & realignment

Braces, Slings & Mobility Aids

Slings and Immobilizers for Arm Injuries

At Kensington Physiotherapy we stock a large number of braces and other joint supports for purchase.

Braces, slings and supports

Some of these include:

Knee Braces

  • pre & post operative range of movement
  • Zimmer splints
  • MCL support
  • ACL return to sport braces
  • patellofemoral support
  • osteoarthritis (OA) support & realignment


Elbow & Wrist Braces

  • Mayo elbow range of movement
  • Wrist widget for ulna side pain & instability
  • Generic wrist supports


Ankle Braces

  • ankle ligament support
  • sports ankle braces


Shoulder Supports

  • shoulder slings
  • clavicle & AC joint supports


Crutches, both underarm & forearm, as well as walking sticks are also available for purchase.


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Kensington Physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary practice including Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Massage Therapists, and Dieticians. We work closely with other healthcare practitioners in the community such as General Practitioners, Sports Physicians, and Orthopaedic Consultants.

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