The best way to prevent anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries is to stretch and strengthen the leg muscles, especially the front and back muscles of the thigh (quadriceps and hamstrings).

ACL Injury Prevention Programs

Prevent serious knee injuries

Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee are common and most often occur on the sporting field.

Contact sports, such as rugby and Australian Rules Football, and winter sports, skiing and snowboarding, contribute large numbers of these injuries. Most ACL injuries require reconstructive surgery in order for the knee to regain its structural stability. Rehabilitation following surgery commences almost immediately, many patients are seen in Physiotherapy the following day to commence the accelerated rehabilitation process. These post-operative ACL injuries are one of the most common conditions treated by our Physiotherapists at Kensington Physiotherapy.

We specialise in the treatment of these injuries from day 1 post operation, right through the rehabilitation process until return to sport.

We have a close working relationship with many of the Orthopaedic surgeons who perform these operations, and our location within NSOSMC ensures continuity. Our clinic is fully equipped to best treat all ACL reconstruction patients where ever they are on the rehabilitation timeline.

This equipment includes, our gym space with free weights and machines and Gameready ice/compression machine.

Prevent ACL injury

Clinical Research

Recently there has been a focus on reducing the incidence of ACL injuries through prevention strategies. Research has shown that we can reduce the risk of serious knee injuries by performing different exercises designed to increase strength, balance and agility. One of our Physiotherapists, Alanna Antcliff, was instrumental in the design and roll out of the Knee injury prevention for Netballers and Enhance performance and Extend play (KNEE) Program.

This is a free resource aimed at reducing the incidence of serious knee injuries in a high risk group, young female netball players.

Programs such as these, are also useful towards the end stage rehabilitation of ACL injuries. This is because increases in functional stability, strength and agility are seen as vital components in safely returning players back to sport. Our Physiotherapists are expertly trained in this end stage ACL rehabilitation.

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