Real time ultrasound is a training tool that allows objective assessment of core muscle recruitment. Real time ultrasound allows specific training of core stabilisers and is appropriate for both the general population and elite athletes.

    Real Time Ultra Sound Core Assessment

    How Real Time Ultrasound assessment can help you.

    The Kensington Physiotherapy department offers real time ultrasound assessment and training for the stabilisation musculature of the lumbar spine, commonly referred to as “The Core” . Dysfunction of this group of muscles is common in those suffering from low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, hip and groin pain.

    Real Time Ultra Sound Core Assessment

    Our trained physiotherapists may use the ultrasound unit not only to observe and assess the dysfunction, but use the ability to observe these muscles contracting in “Real Time” affording the unique ability to show the patient and thus enhance the training effect. Learning to correctly recruit the stabilisation musculature is often the first step in the training of your spine to move effectively and efficiently, and without pain, in order to facilitate the return to normal function.

    Real time ultrasound assessment can be referred for via the general practitioner or sports medicine physician, but clients may request assessment without referral.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Can the technique be used for CTP and Workers Compensation patients?

    Real Time Ultrasound assessment and training can be covered for CTP and Workers Compensation funded clients if suitable.  TAC and WorkCover funded clients are required to pay on the day, and claim from the insurer. There may be a gap payment required.

    Q. Do I need a referral?

    No, physiotherapists assess and treat using ultrasound without the need for a referral from a GP or specialist.

    Q. How long will the session take?

    Initial sessions run for 1 hour. Most subsequent sessions are of 30 minutes' duration, but may on request be an hour depending on the complexity or number of conditions to be treated. It is suggested that returning clients who have not seen their physiotherapist for more that 3 months attend a 1 hour session. Any new injuries typically also require a 1 hour appointment.

    Q. Is this service covered by Private Health Insurance?

    Many patients Private Health Insurance does cover physiotherapy appointments. This is often covered under 'Extras Cover'. To see if you are covered, contact your health fund for more info.

    Q. What do I need to bring?

    Bring comfortable / appropriately loose clothing.

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