Back Pain and Back Care classes

Kensington Physiotherapy offers a wide range of treatment options for spinal pain including:

  • Back care classes
  • Real time ultrasound
  • Dual channel EMG biofeedback

Clinical Pilates Classes
Clinical Pilates classes aim to strengthen your back / stabiliser muscles and prevent recurrences of back pain. These classes work on improving your posture and educate you about self-management of your back condition.

Roisin currently looks after our clinical pilates classes. These run on a 6-week cycle with 5 sessions of 1hr duration a week. Click here to view our clinical pilates brochure.

Real time ultrasound
Real time ultrasound is a training tool that allows objective assessment of core muscle recruitment. Core muscle training and strengthening is a key component in recovery from low back pain. Real time ultrasound allows specific training of core stabilisers and is appropriate for both the general population and elite athletes.

Dual Channel EMG Biofeedback
Dual Channel EMG Biofeedback is an assessment tool for identification and rectification of muscle imbalances affecting the pelvis, back, knee and shoulder region. Use of this tool allows us to specifically target the source of pain and rectify it quickly and efficiently.

Click here to download our back care brochure